A scalable OTT solution starts with a robust CMS designed to support your functional needs and make changes on the fly, this is where TVA Aggregator excels.

Support everything from AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, PPV, recommendations, advertisement strategies, geo/device targeting and control the UI/UX of your apps all without changing code.

Telco grade, designed and priced to support content owners to large telcos, including:
• Interface for content editors control UI/UX.
• A/B testing to optimise the user experience, coupled with live data to see how your campaign is working.
• Integrated with multiple OVPs: Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, Verizon, Comcast and more.
• Multiple payment methods supported: credit card, IAP, vouchers, coupons.

Award winning, SDK that solves the issue of OTT device fragmentation and supports yearly manufacturers firmware upgrade.
TV App Engine generates fully custom, native applications for over 100 supported platforms from a single source code.


Use standard web languages as HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop your apps with TV App Engine SDK.
Use pre-built connectors to speed up the integration with OVPs,
ad platforms, DRM, analytics and TVA Framework to speed your development from ground zero.



Generate native apps to multiple platforms at the click of a button in minutes using our 24/7 TV App Engine.

Based on our extensive experience in producing OTT apps, TVA Template enables content owners to deploy applications in conjunction with TVA Aggregator, faster than ever before, without writing any code.

Content editors can customise/control UI/UX elements including background images, carousels, layouts, EPG skins, player skins, details pages, app structure all without writing single a line of code, by levering our extensive fully customisable framework within TVA Template.

What if you could monetize your VOD content as a linear experience?

What if you could create targeted thematic linear channels by clicking one button?

What if you could have advertisement into your linear channels that is target to your audience?

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Do you want to launch your service in multiplatform apps?

Why when you want to launch OTT apps you have to change video provider?

Do you want to launch your apps quickly with no coding?

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“TV App Agency has been the perfect partner to be able to renew new TV App for Smart TV and to create the launcher for our new STB Android TV Operator Tier. We have managed to improve our service and make it available to our customers in record time. The teamwork of Orange Spain and TV App Agency teams has been the key to success.”

Josep Maria Rabes Cabus, Director OrangeTV


Track record in delivering end 2 end OTT solutions, globally.
Faster time to market with fully customisable solutions
Maximum reach with a lower upfront investment


TV App Agency Announces TV App Aggregator 3.0 – Your New Campaign Management Control Centre

After the success of version 2.0 of the TV App Aggregator by TV App Agency, a leader in OTT solutions and with many live customers including Blockbuster, BoxPlus, Z5 Weyyak, Olympusat Vemox, we are delighted to announce version 3.0. 

Orange Spain Renews Orange TV Leveraging TV App Agency Technology

Orange Spain, an innovator in the telco space and the second biggest telco operator in Spain, has renewed its Orange TV service across Smart TV, web and Android TV Operator Tier by leveraging various technologies from TV App Agency.